Louis Spagnuolo serves as the C.E.O. of VRA Insurance, which is the leader in providing signature personal insurance solutions to affluent individuals and families in high net worth communities within the United States. As the foremost resource for clients that have significant assets that require special insurance programs and a level of coverage that exceeds what is typical, VRA Insurance can provide proprietary solutions that are unique within our industry.

Whether it is a multi-million dollar home with a private wine collection, precious jewelry and fine art, a private jet or yacht or other valuables you need to insure in the event of a loss or damage, VRA Insurance is here to satisfy any and all exposures you may have.

Louis Spagnuolo is dedicated to protecting our clients for everything they have worked so hard to build from unexpected lawsuits, with a High Limit Umbrella policy you can obtain limits up to $250 million dollars.

Under Louis Spagnuolo's guidance, VRA Insurance has the expert team to evaluate your risks and appraise your property to put into place programs that protect your interests. We have long-standing relationships with premier insurance companies serving this niche market, offering comprehensive programs for properties, automobiles, watercraft, and unique collections. Our trained staff will review your entire insurance exposure and assess any changes in your life that may affect your insurance program, allowing us to make sure that gaps in coverage don't exist, recommend new products, and negotiate the absolute best pricing.

"With the VRA Insurance, we guarantee that you will receive the personalized, first-class service and the discretion that you expect from a trusted advisor." - Louis Spagnuolo

Commencing in 2014, Illuminati Trust and Chairman Louis Spagnuolo has partnered with the preeminent advisory firm for Captive Insurance by way of Milton Risk Advisors.

In conjunction with David Milton, Illuminati Trust offers clients A-Z solutions for any and call their captive needs.

Captive insurance companies are special purpose companies established by the parent company or group with the specific objective of insuring risks emanating from their parent group or groups, but they sometimes also insure risks of the group's customers. This is an alternative form of risk management that is becoming a more practical and popular means through which companies can financially protect themselves while having more control over how they are insured.

Captives can be delineated into two major categories, on shore, domiciled in one of the US states who have captive insurance regulation within their respective insurance code, and off shore, operating outside of the US in a in accordance with the laws that govern the captive within that particular domicile. Each domicile has its unique set of benefits and obstacles. Choosing the right domicile is an important step in the formation process.

There are several variations of recognized captive structures operating in many jurisdictions around the world. They may have different names, depending on the jurisdiction, but they act much the same. They are as follows:

  • Single Parent - Underwrites risk of companies solely related to the parent company.
  • Association of Captive - A captive that insures the risk of member organizations of an association and the affiliated companies of those members.
  • Agency Captive - Captive formed by insurance brokers or agents to allow them to participate in the high-quality risk, which they control.
  • Rent-a-Captive - An insurance company that provides access to captive facilities without the user needing to capitalize his own captive. The user pays a fee for the use of the captive facilities and will be required to provide some form of collateral so that the rent-a-captive is not at risk from any underwriting losses suffered by the user.
  • Protected Cell Captive - A captive owned by an insurance company that insures risks of separate participants through the use of protected cells.
  • Risk Retention Group (RRG) - An RRG is a captive insurance company organized for the primary purpose of insuring liability exposures of its group members. Members of the RRG must be engaged in similar business activities (e.g. CPA seeking Errors & Omission insurance).
Today there are an estimated 6,000 captive insurance companies worldwide, with a significant number being formed in the last several years.

When selecting an insurance agency, it is important to know something about its future direction. Jeff Weiner, the company's CEO, has continued and expanded his father's vision of providing only the highest quality insurance products delivered with unparalleled professionalism, expertise and personal service to its diverse range of clients

Sharing in this vision of a commitment to excellence and service are Jeff's partners Ivor Bamberger, President of the agency and Henry C. Godwin, Jr. Executive Vice President - all highly trained and experienced insurance entrepreneurs.

In addition to its core business, the agency has developed specialized divisions to meet the needs of select niche markets particularly in the areas of Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Professional Service Providers and high net-worth individuals.

Our Mission
  • To assist customers in determining the most suitable insurance products to fit their individual needs.
  • To provide the finest quality insurance product selection and services available.
  • To review the benefits and risks of each choice appropriately.
  • To strive for complete customer understanding and satisfaction with insurance products selected.
  • To provide information and assistance to customers without obligation or fees and to bring insurance products to the public at the lowest possible cost.

Founded in 1932 by Jonah Sterling, Sterling & Sterling today employs over 170 highly skilled insurance professionals. We are ranked among the nation's top 100 insurance brokerages and have grown to become one of the largest in the New York metropolitan area, with premiums topping $300 million.

Our clients are regional, national, and international operations who benefit from such service offerings as:

  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Employee benefits consulting
  • Risk management
  • Loss control
  • Claims management
  • Estate planning
  • Business succession planning
Much of our firm's most significant growth has occurred in recent years, not through acquisitions, but through referrals from satisfied clients. The companies we serve view us as experts within the industry and appreciate our commitment to provide the best coverage at a fair price. At Sterling & Sterling, our expertise reaches far beyond the insurance marketplace. We know the businesses and industries we serve, and the markets in which they operate. We understand their unique insurance needs and how to match those needs with the right insurance carrier, coverage terms and services. It's why some companies have been with us for more than 30 years, and it's the foundation of our continued strong growth.

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